Our customers and society are increasingly looking for sustainable innovative solutions. And innovations based on chemistry are often the key to solve the challenges like climate change, scarce resources and to enable a circular economy. Effective and efficient R&D is a prerequisite for innovation. With approximately 10,000 research and development employees around the globe and R&D hubs in Europe, Asia and the US, BASF develops sustainable solutions for its customers every day.

Finding and developing the materials of the future is one of BASF’s main research goals. For example, we have been developing biodegradable and bio-based polymers for around 25 years. To find the most suitable material for each application, we need to examine the environmental, social and economic impacts over a product’s entire life cycle. International co-operations with world leading academic institutes as well as digital tools like our own supercomputer used for advanced Predictive Biodegradation Modeling are now speeding up R&D processes significantly – helping us to develop more sustainable materials that contribute to a circular economy.




Our customers and society are increasingly looking for ...
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