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Prescreen of efficiency of active ingredients (Robotic-View)

In the following step, copies – so-called daughter plates – are produced from the mother plates (microtiter plates) for each fungal disease, also in a fully automated process, and inoculated with the spores of the fungal pathogens. Up to 100,000 substances can be tested each year.

For optimal growth of the pathogens, the daughter plates are placed in an incubator. A photometer uses the optical density (turbidity) to measure the growth of the spores. The poorer the growth of the fungus, the clearer the samples and the more efficient the active substance.

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Date: 06/04/19
Title: Prescreen of efficiency of active ingredients (Robotic-View)
Duration: 00:04:21
Clip Type: Footage

Originator: BASF SE
Publisher: BASF SE
Copyright: BASF SE 2019
Format: 16:9 HD
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Taping Date: 05/02/19

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