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Digitization in Crop Protection research

Crop Protection research is time-consuming and expensive. Usually it takes 11 years for a new product to enter the market as well as an average investment of 250 million euros. That is why many routine research steps are carried out by robots.

Robots in search of new active substances

By using robots monotonous work steps can be carried out precisely over a long time. The repetitive accuracy of robots is of great value here, saving time and increasing efficiency. This allows laboratory experts to concentrate on more demanding tasks.


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At a temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius, over a million samples are stored in the cooling storage: chemical substances as well as natural substances. In the laboratory they are tested for their properties and for their ...
Date: 06/07/19
Duration: 00:03:06
Clip Type: Footage
In a fully automated process, the assembled "stretches" are further processed with the Hamilton robot. A portion of the samples is taken from the tubes and transferred to a microtiter plate.
Date: 06/06/19
Duration: 00:05:00
Clip Type: Footage
Prescreening is a procedure for the fully automated testing of active ingredients to determine biological effects. In this way, promising substances can be filtered out from a pool of substances.
Date: 06/05/19
Duration: 00:05:37
Clip Type: Footage
In the following step, copies – so-called daughter plates – are produced from the mother plates (microtiter plates) for each fungal disease, also in a fully automated process, and inoculated with the spores of the fungal ...
Date: 06/04/19
Duration: 00:04:21
Clip Type: Footage
The test plants are taken from the cultivation to the crop spraying plant. They are automatically transported to the spray booth where they are treated with the test substances.
Date: 06/03/19
Duration: 00:03:54
Clip Type: Footage

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