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trinamiX– a start-up within BASF group

Founded in 2015, BASF’s own start-up is fully dedicated to infrared and 3D sensing technology.

Infrared sensing: Chemical expertise for better microchips

For their infrared sensors names Hertzstück™, the team of trinamiX has developed a patent-pending thin-film encapsulation, which protects the sensor from oxygen and moisture. In addition, this encapsulation enables the miniaturization of the sensor. With such a small detector, miniaturized applications such as near-infrared spectroscopy in smartphones will be possible. Hertzstück™ can also be used for industrial applications such as flame and spark detection, gas analysis, moisture detection of classical spectroscopy.


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Hertzstück™ are manufactured in the in-house production in Ludwigshafen. From the chemical deposition to the encapsulation – trinamiX produces the sensor in the chemical lab and clean room in mass production in different sizes as ...
Date: 02/06/19
Duration: 00:07:05
Clip Type: Footage
The Ludwigshafen-based start-up trinamiX, a spin-off of BASF, is developing new methods for distance measurement and object recognition. These technologies are used, for example, in industrial automation.
Date: 02/05/19
Duration: 00:03:11
Clip Type: Footage
Founded by a small team of researchers from BASF developing solar cells, today more than 60 employees are working for trinamiX. A creative team of engineers, electronics, computer scientists and chemists.
Date: 02/04/19
Duration: 00:07:41
Clip Type: Footage
Managing Director, trinamiX GmbH (Available in German only)
Date: 02/03/19
Duration: 00:04:14
Clip Type: Statement
Department Leader IR Sensing, trinamiX GmbH (Available in German only)
Date: 02/02/19
Duration: 00:04:25
Clip Type: Statement
Department Leader 3D Sensing, trinamiX GmbH (Available in German only)
Date: 02/01/19
Duration: 00:03:37
Clip Type: Statement

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