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Production of a mini test battery (pouch cell): Assembly

To gain insights into the properties of cathode materials produced in the laboratory, BASF researchers use pouch cells. Pouch cells are a common cell type in electric vehicles with a lithium-ion battery. A few hundreds of such cells are assembled therein.

BASF researchers use this special mini-battery cell to investigate the long-term stability of cathode materials. They can only confirm their assumptions about the quality of the cathode material produced in the laboratory when they have been tested under real conditions. With the help of standardized tests, they can, for example, determine how fast the cathode material degrades and how fast the lithium ions are transported in the battery cell. These tests last up to 12 months.

Clip Details for Production of a mini test battery (pouch cell): Assembly

Date: 07/09/18
Title: Production of a mini test battery (pouch cell): Assembly
Duration: 00:02.16
Clip Type: Footage

Originator: BASF SE
Publisher: BASF SE
Copyright: BASF SE 2018
Format: 16:9 HD
Track 1: Atmo
Track 2: Atmo

Taping Date: 05/07/18

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