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High-temperature superconductors (HTS)

Superconductors carry current virtually without loss, so they allow potentially huge savings in generating and transporting electricity. High-temperature superconductors conduct current without resistance at temperatures close to the boiling point of liquid nitrogen (77 Kelvin/-196 degrees Celsius).

E-Power Management

In the E-Power Management growth field, we develop innovative materials and energy-efficient technologies for the electric power value chain. Resource-conserving, carbon-optimized energy generation, conductance and storage, as well as more efficient use of energy, are key building blocks for environmental and climate protection and for feeding the energy needs for the growing world population.



Dr. Michael Bäcker

(Available in German only)

Tape respooling machine

The superconductor bands are manufactured in several manufacturing steps. To ensure that the tape runs in the same direction during each step and that the same end of the tape can be processed first in each step, the tape is ...

Production planning and monitoring

Superconductors transmit electric power with negligible line losses and have high current-carrying capacity compared to copper. This will make it possible to generate and transmit electricity in a resource-saving manner in ...

Coating plant

Very thin films of a superconducting material are applied to a metal strip in a continuous process by a technique called chemical solution deposition. This process involves coating the tape with a thin layer of a solution using a ...

Calcining plant

The layers applied by means of chemical solution deposition are chemically converted by the application of heat, and are fired to form ceramic layers. The ceramic layers produced in this way have superconducting properties ...

Cutting plant

Once all coating processes have been completed, the tape is cut to the customer-specific width using cutting rollers.
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