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Plant Health

One challenge for sustainable development is ensuring enough food for a growing world population. Since arable farmland is limited, innovations are essential here. Our research and development activities focus on solutions ranging from soil to seeds and crops.

In addition to products for seed enhancement and innovations for better soil management, BASF will also provide technologies that make plants more resistant to stress factors such as heat, cold and nutrient deficiency. These solutions strengthen the health of crops, thus going beyond conventional crop protection.



Plant Health Research

Research Triangle Park (RTP) …The Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina, is one of BASF’s six major hubs for research and development in North America. This research site is at the vanguard of global plant health research ...

Herbicide Lab

Research Triangle Park (RTP) …Weeds can acquire resistance to herbicides as a result of natural mutations. This property of plants is used by BASF researchers. Scientists trigger gene mutations in cultivated plants and cross ...

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